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Once you find an equity, or commodity, or index, or whatever and attain a comfort level about where it may go then use these option strategies to play it:


I'm Feeling Bullish [Strategies]

   Long Calls, Covered Calls,

   Protective Put, Bull Call Spread,

   Bull Put Spread, Call Back Spread,

   Call Back Spread,

   Naked Put

I'm Feeling Neutral [Strategies]

   Reversals, Conversions,

   The Collar, The Straddle (Long),

   The Strangle, The Butterfly,

   Ratio Spreads, The Condor,

   Calendar Spread

I'm Feeling Bearish [Strategies]

   Long Puts,

   Naked Call,

   Put Back Spread,

   Bear Call Spread,

   Bear Put Spread,



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